Controls   Down : Dive   Up : Jump   R : Restart

Try to get to the finish line as fast as possible! 

This game is a submission for the 2kPlus jam and weighs in at under 2 kilobytes when zipped with a simpler menu and no audio. The plus version adds music, sound effects, an in-game level select menu, and compatibility for monitors or browsers that update animations faster than 60 Hz. The menu in the 2k version is simply shown as a browser popup window.

I've also ported the game to run as a standalone 32 bit Windows executable, which itself is under 2k as well thanks to the magic of crinkler. To select a level in the Windows version you can press N for next, or P for previous.

2 kilobyte web version

Web version source code

Win32 version source code

Music:  Sro - Self Driving


Download 2 kB
Download 2 kB


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Looks great, plays great, chill music and sound effects. Astounding work!


Wow! Amazing work for 2k limitation! Congrats!




The physics and controls feel super smooth, reminds me of Tiny Wings!

I really like the graphics and the lighting effects with the sun.

Can't believe you fit this into 2k